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We are the children

In most countries of the world Flash Mob is an essential part of the youth culture. The aim of the young is to pay attention of hurrying people or peers on the existing problems.

One of such events was organized in Debrecenas square on May 10. Passersby were able to spectate a sudden mobilization of young people, which aim was to draw public attention on today’s most popular issues (violence against children, troubles in the world) and that they care about it. Children from Gedminai progymnasium, Vetrunges progymnasium, Vydunas progymnasium, Children’s entertainment center, PI Edukateka and PI Hatora were involved in this campaign. This Flash Mob was a part of Erasmus+ (KA2) Strategic Partnerships between schools project “We are the world, we are the children” and “ANEN”, so students from Croatia, Greece, Romania and Turkey joined the dance.


The participants of the project commemorate International Day of Tolerance

by Lithuania
The participants of the project commemorate International Day of Tolerance

The school‘s social partners meeting-workshop took place in Gedminai progymnasium on November 11. Pupils and teachers were greeted by the representative of Klaipeda city Baltic local community Jonas Mažeika. The guest spoke about how it is important for different nationalities to communicate with each other, to talk about the tolerance. Students form Klaipeda Ieva Simonaityte main school, Hermanas Zudermanas gymnasium, Litorina school, Santarvė main school, PI Edukateka, J. Kačinskas music school, KVLC, Priekule Ieva Simonaityte gymnasium and our school attended the workshop “The Mosaic of Tolerance”.
The aim of whole activities was to celebrate the International day of tolerance, to talk about national identity and promote tolerance for other cultures to each other.

The Mosaic of Tolerance