Legend of Tabarca

Paula Sagredo (3ºESO)

At the end of XIX Century, there was a couple of a couple of sea lions that arrivedto one of the caves of Tabarca Island. The female was pregnant and they chose this place to give birth to the offspring. The inhabitants of the island who were engaged in fishing thought that the presence of these mammals could cause a drastic reduction of their catches because the animals could break their nets and feed on the fish trapped in them. One night, some fishing man decided to go to the cave where the sea lions lived and they scared so much the female wing that she gave birth at that time, prematurely.The baby died on the spot and the mother died of grief. The male was left alone and desolate. During three nights he howled in pain, day and night, without rest. Finally, he died too. The inhabitants of the island say that his spirit still rests in the depths and that on the nights of a full moon his cries can be heard. Cuttlefish, squids, lobsters and fish organize a funeral procession on a carpet of seaweed and sponges as a tribute to that sea lion.

legen of tabarka