Jenisse Henándezje

  1. What is kayak?

In Spain, known as canoe , kayak is a small, elongated and narrow boat with a bow and a stern.

Normally, kayaks are for 1 , 2 o 4 persons. We can use kayak in rivers, seas, whitewater, etc.

Also, we can use the word “kayak” to refer to the activity of sailing with this boat. Although in Spain this sport is also known as canoeing.

Types of Kayaks:

  • Kayak of flat or calm waters: it is for kayakers who navigate in rivers of flat water , in the sea or in lakes.
  • Speed kayak and whitewater: it is a smaller boat than the other type. It is required to wear protections.
  • Crossing kayak : it is for long journeys.
  • Kayak-polo kayak : it is for purposes.
  1. Kayak in Tabarca, Alicante

The easy use of the kayak and its comfort allows you to make long journeys on the island of Tabarca. Kids must be more than 10 years to have their own kayak .

I attach you a wbsite where you can book online if you want to do Kayak in the island of Tabarca: palaigua.comkajakas



Natalia Botella (4ºESO)

Doing Snorkel is one  accessible way to discover the submarine world. Snorkel is the practice of diving under the water in wich the athlete is equipped with a masc of diving, a tube called snorkel and with fins.

The person who practices it can use a swimming fins, diving suit to protect from the cold. Also the use of fins is an one option, especially if you want to move faster and easier.

The Snorkel can be practiced in almost all kinds of water.

The aim of Snorkel is to observe interesting things under of the water and have fun.

Place to perform                                        TABARCA

“ANTHIAS Santa Pola” Sailing club of Santa Pola, Pantalán 6,

Address: C/ Muelle de Poniente, s/n, 03130 Santa Pola (Alicante)

Email: santapola@anthias.es        Number: +34 691 696 601