Marine Reserve of Tabarca

 The Marine Reserve of Tabarca was created in 1986 by the Farming, Fishing and Food Ministry and de Valencian Government. The request was based on important scientific components, susch as diversity of species, habitats and marine cartigraphic seabed.

As a result Tabarca was orgnizad as a marine reserve with different areas of protection and managment:


Area 1: Absolutely restricted

Area 2: Experiment zone

Area 3: Traditional fishing

Area 4: Tourism

 reserve1  reserve2


The reserve is watched by the Council of Alicante, Santa Pola, Fishery Guard and Command of Navy. Furthermore, it is also watched by the fishermen of the area.


There is a special organism called   “Comisión de gestión y seguimiento de la Reserva marina de Tabarca” which is in charge of its managment in collaboration with the Fishing Ministry and the Council of Alicante.

 We would like to point out the important activity of the volunteers who preserve and maintain the area. Ecological value The reserve has over 1400 species belonging to the animal and vegetable kingdom. The highlights are the Poseidonea Oceanic, gorgonies, starfish, congeries, corvas and grouper.

snoker in tabarka

 Students doing snorkel- Tabarca seabed