1st transnational meeting

by Lithuania
1st transnational meeting

The first meeting of participants of Erasmus + 2 main action of the general education sector, inter-school strategic partnership project “ACTIVE In NATURE, ENJOYING The NATURE!” took place in Engerdal Barne – og ungdomsskole (Engerdal, Norway) on November 13th – 14th. The meeting was for the coordination purposes.

The project participants from Lithuania, France, Spain and Norway presented their schools, project teams, discussed all the project related issues, planned activities for the first project year, shared responsibilities and the ideas on how to carry out the project more effectively that its impact would be more noticeable. The participants observed open English lesson, participated in an event against bullying. Teachers discussed the observed activities and shared their experiences.

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The high school, IES Leonardo Da Vinci de Alicante takes part in the European Program Erasmus+, ANEN: “Active in Nature-Enjoying the Nature”; its objective is improving the communication skills in English of our students of 2º,3º y 4º ESO, at the same time they improve their digital competences and encourage to respect and protect the Nature .

In this Project, four schools share experiences and work together (one from Norway, one from Lithuania, one from France and one from Spain). All of us worked in a previous project about Natural Parks and the results were fantastic. We want to continue to work in several items that we couldn´t end in the previous project, such us digital skills that remained outstanding, whereas, we would like to continue exchange ideas about innovation methodologies of teaching. In fact, one of our key principles is understanding the process of teaching-learning like a set of shared experiencies where it´s posible to learn enjoying yourself.

We want that our students are the real protagonists of the Project and do all outcomes, such as the materials for the web about Tabarca, the workshops and the outdoor activities.

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In this context, we have done the first activity of the program: “The logo competition . In order to encourage the students to take part in it, we chose a symbolic award. We recived 13 beautiful logos about our topic, Tabarca. Most of them had a high quality.

The jury was made up for teachers involved in the project and gave the prize to Jenifer Mariova (2ºESO C). The quality highlighted in all of them and they were showed in the hall of our high school since 22nd of December 2015.