The city of tomorrow

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Wihtin a multidisciplinary project, students from different classes reflected on what the city of tomorrow meant for them, how they saw it? (In terms of transportations, energy, architecture and impact on the environment).

After imagining various alternatives, each student built transportation means or a building models to integrate it to a collective city of the future mock-up.

Teaching and learning activities in France

On september 26-30, once our foreign delegations arrived, we offered them the opportunity to:

  • Take part in the English, Geography and Biology classes

  •  Take a hike to discover a local bell tower name Clocher de Neyran
  • International sport challenges during Sport class
  • Mountain bike riding to get to the nautical site after spending one night under tents. Both students and teachers kayak descended a dozen kilometers of the Orb river

  • Evening spent listing to stag roars in the forest of Monts d’Orb


  • Nautical sports in Sète: windsurfing, sailing and catamaran


  • Stroll in the woods of Les Écrivains Combattants the day of its re-opening to the public. The school officially changed its original name to Collège des Écrivains Combattants that same week.