• ICT – new technologies – digital competences
  • International cooperation, international relations, development cooperation
  • Teaching and learning of foreign languages

The expected results are: -Choose certain Web 2.0 areas as our main tools for work and cooperation: own website, eTwinnig platform, Edmodo profiles for each participating pupil, Skype groups and Facebook social forum for bothe teachers and pupils. -own logo; -a “Plant-follow up-protect!” – day in each partner country in the start of the project as a symbol of the meaning of our project. During this activity, each institution will organise an outdoor activity, where pupils and teachers will plant a tree. This tree’s growth shall be followed during the whole project’s working period. The “step by step” growing will be showed on our website. -a guiding app in each partner’s own national park, following brochure with instructions of use; -different transnational teaching/learning workshops, focused on project’s main topics; – a socio-cultural event; “National cultural day” in each partner country with a dissemination purpose on several levels, local and international; – a common blog about the ongoing process, on eTwinning and our website, after each transnational activity carried in blended mobilities(physical and virtual); -evaluation survey -dissemination corner in each partner institution, with a dissemination plan for the whole period in our partnership.