We shall create own website – “ANEN”, linked to our previous website -“U3N” about national parks, in order to reach a wider group of people interested in nature. and work related to nature and national parks. Project’s eTwinning platform will also be created at the same time. Lithuania leads this task, and Norway supervises the cooperation work as the coordinator of the project. We shall also create a new logo based on the old logos created by all oss, in our previous project, “U3N”. Spain will lead this task. “Plant – follow up – protect”- activity will be done in the beginning of the project, in the end of August, beginning of September.This activity is ment as a “starter” for our new project work, in each partner country. Before starting with the project’s activities, we shall plant a tree in our local surrondings, in order to have a symbol for our focus on preserving and protecting the nature. This tree’s growth shall be followed during the whole project’s working period. The “step by step” growing will be showed on our website. Each partner will create a multilingual guiding app in one of own national parks or certain areas in them, with following instruction of use book. Lithuania will lead this task. For controling the quality and the progress of the project work, besides measuring the expected impact on the participants, participating organisations and target groups, we shall create an evaluation survey. France will lead this task. As host country, each partner will arrange a national socio-cultural event with focus on local and national traditions. This event shall be also used as arena for dissemination on several levels, while it is pointed to reach a wider public. Each partner country will prepare an outdoor -teaching lesson for learning English, Physical Education, Mathematics or Natural Science. These lessons will be presented in an e-book, which will be uploaded on our website and eTwinning platform , in order to exchange the best practice on different levels: regional, national and international. Norway will lead the task of collecting the outdoor -lessons in an e-book(by using Calameo/Issuu software). We shall also create a blog about the ongoing process, on eTwinning and our website, after each transnational activity carried in blended mobilities (physical and virtual). Lithuania will lead this task. Furthermore, each partner will lead and organise a number of cross-curricular workshops, in blended meetings, during our 3 years of cooperation: Norway will organise teaching workshops, with focus on learning English and outdoor-activities, besides Design & redesign workshop based on making useful things from reciclable materials, in order to teach pupils and teachers how to sustain the global environment and protect our nature from too much garbage; Spain will arrange workshops with focus on interactive activities, such as quizes and outdoor activities, besides nature related job counciling sessions; Lithuania will arrange transnational workshops with focus on digital work such as how to create an app, e-book, besides how to use better eTwinning, Europass, ePortfolio and Edmodo learning platform; France will arrange transnational workshops with focus on sport activities and English/French language teaching, through already tested innovative methods.